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The Isle of Love is one of the fifteen islands that make up the main Summer Isles archipelago.


The Isle of Love is one of the smallest of the major islands that make up the Summer Isles archipelago, and is found just north of Moluu. Despite this, every Summer Islander is expected to spend some time upon the island, amongst those that share their bodies and talents within the Palaces of Love, where the affection of Sallar and Shanta, the Two Halves of the Summer Islander deity of love, is said to be felt most strongly. Surrounding the palaces is a hardwood grove, including unfathomably large Goldenheart, Ebony and Blue Mahoe trees. Each has been carved into the form of Sallar and Shanta, locked in an embrace, but the roots are untouched by the process, meaning the figures continue to live, as they have done for hundreds of years.

As all men and women are considered equal on the island, no family or house may claim dominion over the island. Violence of any kind whilst on the Isle of Love is punishable by immediate exile from the Summer Isles.