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Moluu is one of the fifteen islands that make up the main Summer Isles archipelago.


Moluu is one of the larger major islands of the Summer Isles, although considerably smaller than the isles of Walano, Omboru and Jhala. Just to the north is the Isle of Love, and to the east the Three Exiles.

The tropical forests that cover Moluu are particularly dense, and filled with an abundance of life, both large and small. Spotted panthers larger than the lions depicted on the sigil of House Lannister roam the forest, and the air is filled with the cries of dozens of species of bird, and hundreds of insects. One particular species of note is the Golden Stag, a large type of beetle with a carapace that catches the light with a brilliance and splendour comparable to that of the precious stones mined on Jhala.

Ruler []

The Golden Stag is the chosen sigil that the ruling family, the Dols, display proudly upon their banners of coloured fabric above their wooden palace in Mango Grove, the largest settlement on Moluu.