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The Jade Sea is the name given to the large body of water located in the Far East, beyond the Jade Gates and Cinnamon Straits, where it meets the Summer Sea.


The Jade Sea is located east of the Summer Sea and south of Essos. It is divided from the Summer Sea by the large island Great Moraq, the Cinnamon Straits, and the Jade Gates with the isle of Qal. Also near the Jade Gates are the southern reaches of the Bone Mountains.

Yi Ti is located in a forested stretch along the northern Jade Sea, while the Shadow Lands are to the east. The eastern Jade Sea transitions into the Saffron Straits, which separate the Shadow Lands in eastern Essos from Ulthos. It is unknown how much of the Jade Sea borders Sothoryos to the southwest.

Aside from Great Moraq and Qal, other islands in the Jade Sea include the Isle of Whips in the northwest, the Isle of Elephants in the southwest, Marahai in the center, Leng in the northeast, and the Manticore Isles in the southeast.

There are several cities along the Jade Sea, such as Port Moraq on Great Moraq and Zabhad on the Isle of Elephants. The island of Leng contains Leng Ma, Leng Yi, and Turrani. Mainland Essos includes Asabhad, Yin and Jinqi in Yi Ti, and Asshai at the tip of the Shadow Lands' peninsula.