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This page lists the Tournaments and Feasts that have taken place in both Westeros and Essos ever since Aegon's Conquest. If you would like to add a tourney/feast or add your name to any of the tourney's, contact the mods first!



The Tourney of the Flowing Wine, 356 AC[]

Held all across the Arbor, some would say reluctantly, by Lord Ryam Redwyne to celebrate the eighteenth nameday of his eldest daughter - Ryella. The tourney was well attended by scores of knights from every corner of the Kingdom of the Iron Throne and earned its name from the sheer volume of Arbor wine that maesters estimate was consumed during the festivities. Though the lists were packed full of veteran jousters, a young mystery knight called the Knight of the Rose Thorn would prove unstoppable and eventually earn the winner's purse. Revealing himself to be Mace Tyrell, the heir to Highgarden, the Knight proclaimed that he would crown Ryella his Queen of Love and Beauty is this tourney and every other he competed in. Refusing the significant purse of gold, he instead asked for Ryella's hand in marriage and the couple were wed after another moon of celebrations.

The Joust

  1. The Knight of the Rose Thorn
  2. Samwell Tarly
  3. The Knight of the Black Scale

The Melee

  1. Ser Tommen Lefford
  2. Arthor Hightower

The Tourney at Riverrun, 365 AC[]

Hosted by Cedric Tully, the purpose of the Tourney of Riverrun was twofold. Primarily it served as a wedding celebration for his son, Robb Tully, to Mya Arryn. However, it also celebrated the rebuilding of the Riverlands following the First War of Reclamation.

The Tourney at Oldtown, 374 AC[]

Hosted in the city of Oldtown, etc etc

The Joust

  1. Ser Edd of the Arbor
  2. Ser Adrian Costayne
  3. Ser Barristan Thorne of the Vine
  4. Knight of the Black Scales

The Archery Contest

  1. Lord Meric Wylde
  2. Lord Ambrose Costayne
  3. Knight of the Golden Vine
  4. Ser Myles Lefford

Grand Melee

  1. Ser Kevan Banefort, Lord Alestor Tyrell, Ser Baelor Tyrell, Ser Flowers, Ser Barristan Thorne of the Vine, Ser Thoros Dondarrion, Ser Axel Tarly, Ser Desmond Redwyne

The Duel

  1. Ser Myles Lefford
  2. Ser Barristan Thorne of the Vine
  3. Ser Arthor Hightower
  4. Ser Aemon Fossoway




It is said the Magisters of the Free Cities eat like they were throwing a feast near everyday, and as such few true feasts take place. There are, however, a great number of festivals that take place on regular occasion, typically annually.